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Dog DNA Test


Is your dog a boxation? Or a colliedor? Using our unique service you can find out the ancestry of your mixed breed dog. All it takes is a simple and painless DNA test you can do in your own home.

Perhaps you have a mixed breed dog who has been a valued and loved member of your family for years and you have always been curious to find out what’s in the mix. Maybe you have re-homed a rescue dog and you want to give it the best possible life by fulfilling all its needs? Blackdog can help you because we are passionate about dogs, their behaviour and their wellbeing!

By finding out what breeds are in the mix, we will provide you with our own unique personalised behaviour profile for your dog. You will then be able to understand your dogs needs and drives, and give him or her the chance of the happy life he really wants and deserves.

£1 from each DNA test kit purchased from Blackdog will be donated to Hounds for Heroes, a charity which provides specially trained assistance dogs to disabled individuals from the emergency services and armed services.

Budget Service (Wisdom Panel Essential test kit)
Just the results direct from the Wisdom Panel lab. You activate the kit and the results are emailed direct.

Standard Service (Wisdom Panel Essential test kit)
Your test results on a presentation certificate with a health and personality summary.

Silver Service (Wisdom Panel Essential test kit)
Your test results on a presentation certificate, health and personality summary and our unique breed behaviour and training guide personally written for you and your dog.

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